Pat Lafrieda Style: ‘My Go-To Shirt Is Pink’

Pat LaFrieda, in case you were unaware, is a Birchbox Man. This is kind of like being the Old Spice Guy, except…beefier.

Birchbox tapped LaFrieda for their Birchbox Man Style and Grooming series, in which Pat revealed his style must-haves: “My go-to shirt is pink, I love jeans, and I have to have fashionable shoes.”

His kicks of choice that day? Two-toned Cole Hahns with a blue sole. Stay classy, New York. Because Pat LaFrieda is the man your man should dress like. (Your man should still smell like Old Spice, though. Unless you like the smell of butcher crawling into your bed at the end of a long day, which, hey, no judgment from us.)

Check out Pat’s mad swagger below.

[h/t Birchbox]

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