Master Cheftestant Patricia Yeo’s New Corporate Gig: Big Bowl Of Lettuce Entertain You

Remember how hard last summer’s Top Chef Masters contestants snarked on Lorena Garcia for her Taco Bell menu overhaul gig? And all the heat she took for being a “TV chef” rather than a real, line-working restaurant chef? And how her arch enemy of arch enemies was fellow Master-cheftestant Patricia Yeo? We bet this is just the littlest bit satisfying for Lorena…

It was announced today that Patricia Yeo’s corporate chef gig — you know, the one she’s moving from Boston to Chicago for — is a consulting position for Lettuce Entertain You’s Chinese/Thai chain Big Bowl. She’ll be assisting with expanding the chain to new locations, including one in O’Hare Airport, along with developing a new barbecue concept for the restaurant.

Watchful Lorena hounds: we release you upon Patricia in the comments below.


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