CAPTION CONTEST: What Is Paul Bocuse Saying To Gael Greene In This Meet Cute?

Pictured here are two prominent yet scandalous figures in the food world: legendary French chef Paul Bocuse and groundbreaking food critic Gael Greene, both at a VIP reception at last night’s opening of the Culinary Institute of America’s Bocuse Restaurant.

The “scandalous” part, however, comes from their personal lives: the 87-year-old Bocuse, according to a recent WSJ profile, boasts a “legendary power of seduction,” with one wife, two mistresses, and multiple children from each. (In total, he’s spent 145 years combined in a relationship at any given time.) And Gael Greene, as she’s quick to remind readers, once slept with Elvis Presley. (She’s had relationships with other men, too, but Elvis is the most important sex partner a woman could ever have.)

So when Greene tweeted out this photo, coyly hinting that Paul Bocuse was “still a naughty boy at 87,” smut alarm bells went off. We pose this question to you, dear reader: what do octogenarian food legends say when they’re flirting with each other? And where exactly is Bocuse’s hand?

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