WATCH: Paul Qui’s Fiancée Is His ‘Boss’ (So, Paul Qui Is A Regular Guy)

If it weren’t for the glamorous, hip Deana Saukam, Paul Qui wouldn’t have his own restaurant — much less his fame or his James Beard Award. But in an interview at the Austin Food and Wine Festival with Food Republic, the two happily admit that their professional (and perhaps personal) relationship — he as the star chef, she as the Beyoncé-esque PR and marketing director (seriously, look at that hair) — runs on Saukam’s bossiness. “I’m kind of bossy anyways, so it’s not like it’s that difficult for me. It’s not like, ‘Awwww, I have to tell Paul to do something? I feel really bad about it,’ but like, ‘DO IT. You’re making me look bad if you don’t do this right now. You need to do it. Expletive, expletive.'”

Oh we are such fans of this relationship. Check out bossypants below (and we mean that in the best, Tina Fey-way possible):


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[Food Republic]

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