Paul Qui’s Advice To SXSW Food Trucks: Be Nice To The Drunk People

Is there anything worse than a tattooed cranky hipster chef being mean to you while you’re trying your very best to put your charming pants on, in spite of the five whiskeys you had for dinner? Paul Qui says no. And he should know, he’s the official curator of the food trucks at this year’s SXSW. In anticipation of the main event, he’s culled some great advice for those purveyors of mobile food, and Food & Wine Magazine, that he may have picked up at East Side King.

His overarching message is simple: treat the food truck like it’s a real restaurant, in terms of both efficiency and hospitality.

“I think my worst food truck experiences weren’t necessarily because of the food, but because the people working the trucks were grumpy. The food truck game is late-night, so I get it — there are times when workers have to deal with a lot of a drunk people. But what I tell my staff is, ‘At the end of the day, these guys are paying the bills, so it should be about the guest.'”

Check out a sneak peek of the trucks he’s curated here.

[Food & Wine]

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