WATCH: Is Paula Deen Drunk In This CNN Interview, Or Just Sleep-Drunk?

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of that time she made the world pity-hate her with her diabetes diagnosis (and diabetes drug endorsement), Paula Deen went onto CNN to talk about her 40-lb weight loss. Paula Deen also happened to be on the TODAY Show earlier this morning, after which gossip blogs everywhere wondered if she’d been hitting the bar a bit too much at the South Beach Wine And Food Festival. A rep for Paula insisted that she hadn’t been drinking at all, but after watching this slurring-punctuated segment she shot with a cringing Frederika Whitfield, we can kind of see where the gossip bloggers got the idea.

A caveat: Paula was probably exhausted. Paula could have seriously woken up at 5 AM after a night of partying, as she claims in this segment, and developed a bad case of sleep-drunkenness. However, this is Miami. Make of that what you will.

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