Paula Deen Crying & Graham Elliot Dancing: Two GIFS To Sum Up The Day

There were two watershed moments in news today: Paula Deen’s hotly anticipated Today Show interview, where she was slated to respond to (/apologize for?) information that leaked from a deposition in which she admitted to using racial slurs and desiring a plantation-themed wedding with waitstaff dressed in slave-garb, and the Supreme Court of the United States striking down the Defense of Marriage Act.

Paula’s interview went so hideously that Caesar’s Casino and Walmart promptly jumped on the Food Network bandwagon, and dropped her like a hot, buttered potato. Here’s a GIF to express this portion of the news day:

But then later, SCOTUS struck down DOMA, making marriage marginally less of a hassle for same-sex couples and ruling Prop 8 — to lay a bit of legalese on you — BOGUS. Here’s a GIF of Graham Elliot dancing with a ukulele to represent this portion of the news day:

And before you go thinking we’ve put words in his mouth, Graham totally tweeted out in support of #MarriageEquality earlier today. We’re just assuming he’s doing this dance, wherever he is.

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