In A Sea Of Rejection, Dancing With The Stars Wants Paula Deen

Every major corporation sponsoring Paula Deen has now dropped her, including Food Network, Sears, QVC, her pharmaceutical endorsement, and her publisher. The only companies who can afford to keep her at this point are smaller, regional brands where racism is okay.

But do you know who’s still welcoming Paula Deen with open arms? No, it’s not Jesus. It’s Dancing With the Stars! ABC’s D-List celebrity ballroom is like a graveyard for controversial, media-shamed stars. Where better for Paula to shine up her tarnished reputation?

According to Rob Shuter, an insider claims, “The producers would love to have Paula join the cast of next season … They have a history of casting controversial people like Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin, if Paula says ‘yes,’ you can add her to that list.”

Paula has previously turned the show down, on account of her weight, but now that she’s svelte and trim post-diabetes diagnosis, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore, should it? Plus, we’re still blue-balled from that time last season when they were claiming Bobby Flay was going to compete for the mirror ball trophy. Give us some chefs dancing!

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