Paula Deen’s Publisher Announces It Won’t Release Book That’s Already #1 On Amazon

It takes a lot of balls to not publish a book that’s destined to be a bestseller, but Ballatine Books, which would have published Paula Deen’s latest Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up, announced that they won’t be publishing it after all — even though it’s already hit #1 on

Ballatine Books, a Random House imprint which signed a multi-book deal with Deen back in 2012, told TMZ that they would cancel the publication. The cookbook/diabetes mea culpa was scheduled to be published in October, but despite her fans propelling it to #1 in pre-sales in fierce support of their Butter Queen, Ballatine has decided that it’s not really worth it to be entangled in this crazy racism scandal that Deen just can’t get herself out of. Is it just us, or does it seem like Paula’s sponsorships are punishing the fans who continue to support her, by sending a clear message that it’s not okay for them to stand by her during this time?

(Again, we would like to take this moment to pitch Paula Deen’s next book: I Have A Deen: Recipes From The Table Of Brotherhood.)

For a quick rundown of all the companies who have abandoned Paula Deen to wander a post-racial wilderness, go here.


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