Paula Deen Is Exchanging Butter For Hope, Whatever That Means

Image credit: Paula Deen Riding ThingsLast Saturday, while everyone else was eating delicious ham tacos in Aspen, Paula Deen was madly rebranding herself, trying to get as far away from being known as That Woman Who Has Butter In Her Veins on HGTV’s Celebrities at Home.

“When you hear the name Paula Deen,” she said to host Nancy O’Dell, “I don’t want you to think of the word ‘butter.’ I want you to think of the word ‘hope.'”

And as the cameras toured her ginormous Georgia mansion (complete with a room filled with shelves of nothing but plates), we sat, puzzled, trying to figure out what the new face of adult-onset diabetes meant by taking what is clearly the Obama Campaign’s word. After all, this is the woman who would tweet things like:

But maybe she’s legitimately trying to change? After all, the first part of solving your problem is using euphemisms to dance around the act of admitting that you have a problem.

[h/t HuffPost TV]

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