Paula Deen’s Extortionist Pleads Not Guilty

Haven’t you heard? Pleading not guilty in the face of completely incriminating evidence is all the rage these days! In a truly stunning secondary kerfuffle to Paula Deen’s racial discrimination lawsuit, brought upon her and her brother Bubba Heirs by former employee Lisa Jackson, a man named Thomas George Paculis tried to extort both Deen and Jackson, via their lawyers, with information that was allegedly damning to Paula in the discrimination suit.

After first trying to extort Paula for $250,000 to buy his silence (and eventually being negotiated down to $200,000 by Paula’s lawyers at the directive of the FBI), Paculis reached out to Jackson’s attorneys, offering to give them his supposedly case-making testimony if they outbid Paula. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAVE GONE WRONG WITH THIS PLAN?

He was arrested about a week ago, and, considering he involved the attorneys on both sides of the discrimination suit, we seriously doubt the validity of the not guilty plea entered. Then again


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