Paula Deen’s Extortionist Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison, Substance Abuse Counseling

In a bizarre twist of everything we know to be true: it’s shaping up to be a good week for Paula Deen? First, she received a ten-minute standing ovation in Texas at her first public appearance since her racism scandal broke. Now, Thomas Paculis, the man who tried to extort Deen (and later her accuser) for a quarter of a million dollars, has been sentenced to two years in a Georgia prison after pleading guilty to one count of extortion as part of a plea deal.

Additionally, he’s been sentenced to “one year of supervised release and 40 hours community service,” according to TMZ. They add, “Interestingly, the court also ordered Paculis to attend substance abuse counseling. We called Paculis’ attorney to find out why — so far, no word back.”

We’re expecting to see Paula Deen back on Food Network before the end of the week.


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