Paula Deen Eyewear Spotted On Clearance Sale

Today in harsh blows: a certain retailer, whom, by branding and font context clues, we’re guessing to be Walmart, has, in an effort to distance itself from ugly, ignorant racism, slapped a clearance sticker on an entire rack of Paula Deen Eyewear, dutifully Instagrammed by Big Gay Ice Cream. (Captions include: “I can’t! It just became real to me.” and “Will my suffering never end?”)

All conceivable jokes about how “for the low, low price of $-.–, you, too can have Paula-vision!” have already been made in the Instagram comments thread, so we’ll just direct you there for further amusement.

For a stylish look that says “I find pre-Civil War race relations to be an incredibly charming wedding theme,” get to your local Walmart, now!


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