Paula Deen Fires Her Whole Legal Team

As sponsors keep dropping Paula Deen, her reps’ heads keep rolling. After Paula fired her longtime agent Barry Weiner six days ago, sources are now claiming that she’s let her entire legal team go, whom we’ve affectionately nicknamed The Deen Teem since her discrimination suit first erupted.

You might remember The Deen Teem from such genius legal decisions as citing SCOTUS striking down Prop 8 to argue standing in Paula’s case, because her accuser Lisa T. Jackson was Caucasian, and therefore had no legal standing to sue for discrimination. (She originally claimed she was African-American-adjacent, having a partner with a biracial niece, but after lawyers dug into the niece’s history, it was discovered she was actually Hispanic.)

According to an exclusive given to Entertainment Tonight:

“Deen has hired Grace Speights from Morgan Lewis’s Labor and Employment Practice to now represent her. Speights has handled many employment discrimination cases as well as claims of discrimination in public accommodations. Harry Weiss and Patty Glaser will also be on Deen’s new legal team.”

Best of luck, Deen Teem 2.0. Original Deen Teem: we’ll miss you and your misguided use of historic wins for equality to defend racism.

[Entertainment Tonight]

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