WATCH: Can Paula Deen’s Sexual Innuendo Save The Tonight Show

Paula Deen has been known to cozy up to Jay Leno before. Is it his denim shirts? His dated leather jackets? His milquetoast humor? It’s certainly not his baking prowess, which, full disclosure: will send you into a full-on, high anxiety panic attack if you fancy yourself a baker. We barely got through this segment.

Somehow, we don’t see inviting dirty Southern grannies on your show to lick frosting off your fingers to be the best way to cling to your late night slot. But to each his own.

Check out the two parts of Paula’s Tonight Show appearance from last night below. Bonus: Paula adorably responding to a Leno-delivered Charlie Sheen/cocaine joke with “Oh, does Charlie Sheen have a lot of confectioner’s sugar at his parties?”

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