Paula Deen’s Latest Embarrassing Endorsement: ‘Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats’

Okay, so before we launch into a rant about needless product endorsement, a former restaurant insider clued us in on the fact that real-live restaurants actually utilize something similar to Paula Deen’s latest branded product: the “anti-fatigue kitchen mat.” And, we’ll admit, for a running restaurant, having some sort of durable cushioned padding your be-Croc-ed feet while you stand for 16 hours a day sounds like a good idea for the leg, back, and general all-over body pain that surely afflicts a brigade on the line.

But Paula’s anti-fatigue mat is for home use. For all those housewives who spend oh-so-many hours in their 650-square foot kitchens, slaving over their induction stove-tops, with only a granite-topped island’s bar stool to perch upon when they wish to rest their weary souls and drink a bowl of wine.

The mats come in such suburban-friendly colors as “camel” and “walnut.” (How many different shades of beige can Paula Deen come up with? We don’t want to think about it, because it’s just making us wish she would pen 50 Shades of Beige and that thought is truly horrifying.) They even come with mat covers! A cover for your floor cover! That Paula thinks of everything.


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