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Guess How Many Millions Of Sponsorship Dollars Paula Deen Has Lost

How much does admitting to saying the n-word in a deposition cost a person these days? It depends on the person, but let Paula Deen be an example to any public figures who are considering using racial slurs to boost their career, since people seem to be doing it nowadays. A New York Daily News report estimates that Deen has lost $12.5 million of her $17 million fortune, nearly 73% of her empire.

Caleb Melby, a wealth reporter at Forbes, told the News that the loss of her sponsorship and merchandising deals alone netted a loss of $7.5 million (catch up on the drop-fest here), while the loss of her restaurant and TV contracts “will slash another $5 million out of her paycheck.” This doesn’t take into account her book deals (no one knows whether Deen’s publisher has dropped her altogether, though it did cancel the publication of her guaranteed bestseller), but the NYDN reported that before the scandal broke, Deen was making $20,000 per episode on the Food Network.

By our calculations, poor, sad Paula Deen only has $4.5 million left to live off of, which can still buy a lot of butter or sex eclairs.

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