Paula Deen Makes Comeback Atop Her Noble Steed, Robert Irvine

Paula Deen made a triumphant culinary comeback this weekend at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, and in traditional Deen fashion, did so while riding chef Robert Irvine like a horsey. “I’m back in the saddle,” she declared to hundreds of her cheering fans, because, get it? Horse? Saddle? Mounting? Jokes.

Though she spent the majority of her demo making chicken and dumplings, she also briefly addressed That Scandal. “We have come off of a very hard summer my family and I, my team, my partners,” she said, according to Fox News. “But you know, I have heard on more than one occasion … that I’ve never apologized. So if anybody did not hear me apologize, I would like to apologize to those who did not hear me.”

Irvine, her friendly talking horse, had also undergone a similar scandal that threatened to destroy his reputation (lying about all his credentials), but survived. He gave her some wise words of horse advice: “This is a warning to you. You’ve apologized. You’ve eaten crow. You’re done. Don’t do it anymore. I’ve been there.”

They then recreated the 2011 stunt that turned Paula Deen Riding Things into a meme, and then this song got stuck in our heads for three hours.

[Fox News]

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