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WATCH: Paula Deen Makes Blind MasterChef-testant Cry… Twice

Last night’s MasterChef Mystery Box Challenge produced a very special, sparkly-shoed guest judge and challenge moderator: Miss Paula Deen, y’all! Paula came by with a box full of fried chicken fixin’s (all deliciously supplied by fresh, delicious, affordable Walmart, in case you’ve forgotten) to see what the remaining seven chefs could come up with.

She also assumed the role of emotional Santa Claus, bringing remaining cheftestants a photo and letter from their loved ones at home. Cue the water works for just about everyone and Gordon Ramsay effusively flirting with Christine over her beautiful wedding photo. Later, Paula came over to the blind home cook while she was working on her bacon-wrapped chicken dish and called her one of her new heroes. More tears. Check out all the weepy feel-goodery below!

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