Paula Deen Addresses National Enquirer Rumors With A Sassy Twitter Photo For Y’All

When The National Enquirer published a scandalous “expose” on the bitter feud between Paula Deen and her spawn Bobby, we refrained from covering it , if only because we — a site that writes stories about ding-dongs — are far above that kind of gossip, psh.

But here’s the story according to the Enquirer: at an event, Paula was all “Everybody, laugh at my son, because he doesn’t eat enough butter!” and Bobby was all “Ma, stop making fun of me, I just don’t wanna be fat again!”, and somehow this was tied to some sort of feud where Paula was trying to seize all sorts of spotlights from her sons, and then the other son, Jamie Deen, had a pregnancy and gave birth to Michael Jackson. (What? That’s not right?)

Anyway! Paula and Bobby decided to kill that ridiculous rumor by tweeting the above photo. “You can’t believe everything you read, y’all!” Paula laughed.

Well, this settles it, though the photo might not be enough to convince nonbelievers who think that this is a Photoshop concealing a huge butter conspiracy.  Somewhere out there, John Edwards is looking at this photo and sobbing.


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