WATCH: The Paula Deen And Jay Leno Kiss You Never Needed To See

Paula Deen stopped by The Tonight Show last night and took all of Jay Leno’s hard-hitting questions about her weight loss, her diabetes, and her butter consumption like a champ. We’re proud of her, even though Sarah Silverman didn’t believe that the bacon, egg, and cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme doughnut was a real thing. Oh, Sarah. How you underestimate our Butter Queen. But Paula assures us that was the first time she made the recipe, and she hasn’t made it since.

After the break, she returned to make stuffed lasagna rolls in the shape of an adorable Halloween snake. It looks gross when she’s making it, but we promise the finished product is ridiculously cute. Jay took the snake-shaping opportunity to make a bunch of foodsexjokes, and one of them leaves the Southern belle totally speechless. Check out the two clips below to find out how to shut Paula Deen up.

Bonus: there’s a big, wet, garlic butter-induced kiss. So if you’re ever hoping for a smooch from her, bring up that.

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