WATCH: Why Don’t Celeb Chefs Open Fast Food Restaurants? Paula Deen Explains

You can’t blame jet leg this time: Paula Deen’s getting on a flight, not getting off of one. What tofu has to do with celebrity chefs, we don’t know, but Paula seems to think it’s what’s preventing them from opening fast food restaurants.

TMZ ambushed her at the airport while Paula was sporting a jaunty black-sequinned baseball hat (oh how we wish she was wearing a sparkle snapback, but alas), and inquired as to why more celebrity chefs don’t embark upon building vast fast food empires.

Her measured response: “I think because people that are doing fast food — they want it to be tasty. And how tasty is tofu? I can’t imagine a tofu fast food restaurant.”

Somebody should order the soy nuggets next time they get Thai takeout. Just sayin’. Check out the clip below.

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