Paula Deen Graces the Cover of People Magazine, ‘Thinks Twice Before Telling a Joke’

People Magazine teased their big Paula Deen cover story, which hits newsstands this Friday, by releasing a few choice snippets from her interview.

In it, she admits to having had nightmares about a potential downfall before her plantation-themed wedding deposition bomb even went off.

“I used to have dreams that I lost everything,” she says. “And when it finally happens, you think, ‘I’m still alive.'”

One of the reporters who tailed her for a week at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival for the piece claims:

“She said she learned a lot, and what was so interesting is she actually says she feels much more guarded now. She thinks twice before telling a joke. She doesn’t just spit out exactly what’s on her mind. She really does think about it, because she understands that words can hurt people, and she never intentionally means to hurt anybody. She says I would never ever do that.”

Because keeping your Antebellum South fetish to yourself is really the lesson to be learned here.

Check out People TV’s rundown of her interview below.

[People Magazine]

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