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Paula Deen Shows Off 30-Pound Weight Loss On The Cover Of People

Guess who’s got a new body, y’all? Paula Deen, Queen of all things deep-fried and covered in butter, is on the cover of this week’s People Magazine showing off her 30-pound weight loss. She’s sworn off the mashed potatoes, upped the amount of vegetables on her plate (although, they’re most likely still swimming in butter), and started exercising in order to shed the pounds. Oh, and she’s had help from the diabetes medication for which she’s the spokeswoman.

Paula says it’s taken a “couple of years” of making “small changes” to slim down. In that time, however, she’s continued to defend her over-the-top Southern cooking, most famously on The View, as being okay in moderation. For example, she’s cut her fried chicken consumption from monthly to weekly, and stopped drinking sweet tea. But she doesn’t feel the need to change the way she cooks, only the way she eats.

Because y’all, Paula still doesn’t understand why everyone’s kicked up such a fuss about this whole thing. She’s not advocating a donut cheeseburger, she’s just showing you how to make one if you feel like indulging. She told the magazine that “This is not something I chose. I had been given lemons and I had to try to make lemonade — without sugar!” We think Anthony Bourdain might have a comment or two about that.

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