Paula Deen to Mentor Young Boys With Steve Harvey


Because nothing could go wrong with this plan, no? Oh, wait a minute.

Paula Deen will appear on the Steve Harvey daytime show today to promote her partnership with Steve Harvey and his Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp. She will be sharing her culinary skills with young boys who attend the camp, whom The Root reports are “taught principles of manhood and introduced to positive male role models.”

Said Harvey in a promotion, “I’m not a journalist, I’m just a guy… I just wanted to see if there was any redemption in this, I wanted to see it for myself.” Deen’s responses in the promo are basically word-for-word with her TODAY show appearance, not that we expected anything different. And according to The Grio, Harvey addresses those (bloggers) who question him, saying ” “Now, when you blog about me…can you please type, right after you get through typing, that I don’t give a damn. Just for me.”

So glad you don’t give a damn, Harvey — but we can think of some others who might.

The Root rightly points out that any number of chefs could have gotten on board for such a mentoring program — ones that maybe haven’t admitted to wanting an all-African-American group of servers for a dinner party — but nah, ratings, man. Kara Brown of Jezebel writes, “Steve Harvey and his mustache have a television show to host, advertising dollars to worry about and not a whole hell of a lot of concern for the validity of the ‘help’ and ‘advice’ they dispense. Truly, a partnership between these two is a match made in hypocritical heaven.”

You’d think that Deen would do anything to avoid further controversy, or perhaps just lie low while she launches another buttery channel of content and recipes. But hey, no rest for the weary when there’s a reputation to rehabilitate (and millions of dollars on the line).

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