Tonight in Food TV: Paula Deen Gets the True Hollywood Story Treatment

Will this Paula Deen E! True Hollywood Story tell us anything we don’t already know? Probably not. Will we still tune in to see how her hair has evolved over the years of her fame? Well, maybe.

Deen and her camp are all set to tell the true story tonight on E! network, highlighting her late-bloomer career and obviously, the scandal that’s all anyone’s talked about since July. All the regular guest stars of Deen-gate will be there defending her good name: her son, Jamie Deen, her lawyers, her African-American reverend… but probably the best clip from this preview below is Anthony Bourdain sticking up for our Queen of Butter. “It was ugly to see the same people hugging her the day before tearing her to shreds in the street,” said Bourdain, evidently in a tuxedo on the red carpet. Man, he must have been pissed that someone would pester him with Paula Deen questions on the red carpet. But given Bourdain’s surprisingly nuanced opinions on the case, we’ll have to see who else E! pimps out to defend and shield Deen’s good (? we still don’t really know) name. Because let’s face it, True Hollywood Story isn’t exactly groundbreaking journalism, amirite?

[E! Network]

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