Paula Deen Turns 65, Will Probably Celebrate With A Rice Cake With Candle Stuck In Top

Yesterday, Paula Deen turned 65, and, like most people, we are impressed that she’s made it this far in life — especially after that diabetes thing that happened almost exactly one year ago. To be clear, we wish no harm on Our Lady Of Immaculate Lard, but we do have to wonder how the queen of newfound moderation would spend her birthday. Because knowing Deen as well as we do, she either

  1. Ate a veggie burger sandwiched between two low-cholesterol donuts
  2. Threw moderation out the window and ate a butter cake with butter icing using a butter fork, because birthdays aren’t real days; or
  3. Swore.

Whatever she did, it’s her birthday, and she gets a pass for any naughty behavior. Happy one-day-late birthday, Paula Deen!

[h/t Jezebel]

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