WATCH: PBS Visualizes Domino’s Pizza Supply Chain In Horrifying/Mesmerizing Illuminated Map

It all began with tracking a pizza delivery guy through the streets of New York on a given nightly route, and it ended with a disgusting realization of how terrible food chains are for the planet. PBS strapped a GPS tracker to an NYC-based Domino’s Pizza delivery guy for the “Pizza Delivery” episode of America Revealed. Sure, your neighborhood biking delivery man is eco-friendly enough. And the visual map of pizza guys from several Domino’s locations across the city making their delicious deliveries is super cool to watch — “a kind of crazy bicycle ballet,” if you will.

But then, PBS expanded its map to track ingredient deliveries from supply chain centers across the United States. Indeed, America Revealed notes, sometimes deliveries of mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes come from “clear across the country” in satellite-tracked refrigerated trucks. Uhh, so now you know where Domino’s stands on the locavore movement. Weirdly, PBS spins this whole thing as a fascinating look at how impressively food chains pull off their complex supply distribution.

Meanwhile, we’re gasping for clean air and trying to avoid getting sunburned by those really intense UV rays cutting right through that depleted ozone layer. OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE STOP ORDERING DOMINO’S.

[Grub Street]

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