In The Care Package Of The First Lady Astronaut On The International Space Station: Pecan Pie

Yes. Homegirl’s husband knew what was up. And by “homegirl,” we mean Peggy Whitson, the first female commander of the International Space Station. When she was spacebound in October 2002, she was delivered the customary astronautical care package sent to all space cowboys (and cowgirls) to keep them in touch with cultural dealings down among the earthlings. At the Aspen Ideas Festival yesterday, she revealed the special present from her husband tucked into her package of books, DVDs, and movies. According to The Atlantic:

In Whitson’s case, though, the gift was a pecan pie — a gesture from her husband. “I don’t know how he got it past the food people,” Ashby said.

There was a problem, though: in order to make it up to the Space Station, the pie had to be, you know, launched into space. Even stored in a locker aboard the shuttle — and even being pecan, one of the hardier types of pie — the baked good was subject to g-forces. So by the time it arrived, Ashby said, “the pie was in about half the shell.”

Oh whatever, just plop some freeze dried bourbon ice cream on that bad boy and call it a crumble. We’re sure it was still delicious.

[The Atlantic]

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