Art Smith’s ‘Teeny-Weeny’ Green Speedo Gets Love From PEOPLE Magazine

Last night’s episode of Top Chef Masters was all about gallivanting in a pool with half-naked people (and some cooking things too), and apparently some of those people caught the eyes of the celebrity hawks at, because Art Smith’s turn in a tight green Speedo warranted an entire column. (That is the only way to make it into People Magazine if you’re not in film, TV, music, or a member of the Kardashian family.)

But it wasn’t just the fact that everyone seemed to be losing their clothes that got him preening — it was the “losing 120 pounds” thing that got him wearing a Speedo for the first time ever. “I’d never worn a Speedo in my life!” he told PEOPLE. “When you feel fit, you don’t want to wear any clothes and let it all hang out.”

And honestly? On the Spectrum Of Speedo Appropriateness, where Ryan Lochte is at one end and Borat Sagdiyev is on the other, Art Smith probably falls somewhere in the median, closer to Lochte; maybe the equivalent of a 60-year-old Pierce Brosnan? This is a very scientific form of measurement, as you can tell.


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