Pepsi To Celebrate Ferran Adria by Printing His Face On Side Of Cans

Ferran Adria’s contributions to the culinary world are immeasurable, and even with all the accolades heaped around his shoulders, he can never be truly rewarded. But Pepsi, those devious fizzy bastards, figured out a way — especially after they indentured his services to design products for their international markets.

Hence, Adria’s face is now on this limited edition Pepsi can!

A Spanish press release from PepsiCo announced that as one of the world’s “brightest minds,” Adria and five contemporaries in different fields would be honored with their portraits printed on their iconic blue can. Other honorees include:

Congratulations, Adria. Let us hope you get to collaborate with Dr. Hong and incorporate bipedal robots into whatever culinary instruction you write into your syllabi at the ElBulli Foundation.

[EFE via Eater]

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