For Your Valentine’s Day Hangover: At Least You Didn’t Spend $595 At Per Se

We sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts hope that you had the good sense not to make Valentine’s Day reservations in New York last night, because are those dinners ever not cheesy? No. But, if you’re nursing a champagne headache this morning and still feeling slightly nauseous after one too many Whitman’s Sampler bonbons, take comfort in this: you probably didn’t spend $595 per person at Per Se last night. There. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Yes, the Valentine’s Day chef’s tasting menu at Per Se cost the customary $295, “service included.” But, if you ordered every single supplement available (and, as we know, no truffle can be spared for love), your bill could have tipped out at $595.

A caviar course tacked on an extra $75; a foie gras course added $40; Scottish lobster, an extra $60; and Provencal truffles triggered a staggering $125 supplement.

But we’re sure you threw together a perfectly lovely salsify, sour cherry, hazelnut, arugula, chocolate, and foie gras dish for your sweetheart at home, and he/she was very appreciative.

[Price Hike h/t Eater]

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