Peru + Japan = The Adria Brothers’ Newest Restaurant Concept (And Also A Mexican Place)

Now that Ferran Adrià has launched the el Bulli Foundation and the Bullipedia, and his brother Albert continues to helm the tapas restaurant Tickets, what’s an internationally-renowned fraternal culinary powerhouse to do, except to open more restaurants?

In an interview with the website Expansión, Albert revealed that the brothers Adrià would open two new concepts in Barcelona in the next year: the first, a Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant that actually makes culinary sense (the Japanese immigrant community is quite prominent in Peru); the second, a Mexican restaurant.

But before the gourmands of the world suddenly descend upon Barcelona, hoping to revitalize the Spanish economy by consuming Adrià tacos, hold up: Pakta only has 32 seats for its Peruvian-Japanese nigiri and ceviche, while the unnamed Mexican restaurant will seat 80, but will likely be packed all the time.

[Expansión via Eater]


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