PETA Wants Pigs To Have A Comfier Ride To The Slaughter

As is their wont, PETA is speaking out (blogging) about the meat industry’s inhumane treatment of animals in the wake of an April 19th truck accident that killed 55 pigs on the way to a slaughter house. The outspoken animal rights org isn’t protesting that this truck was taking the 184 little Wilburs to their bacony deaths. No, PETA is upset at the meat industry for hiring unsafe drivers to transport the pigs to their doom.

“By putting known-dangerous drivers behind the wheel, some meat industry giants show that they have no regard for the safety of animals,” writes Michelle Kretzer on the PETA File blog. (How is THAT an acceptable name for a blog?).

No word yet on whether the bacon pigs were still usable after the truck flipped over.

Here’s what we can take away from this: making three-inch-thick pork belly and devoting a week of your life to all bacon everything is totally fine, as far as PETA’s concerned. Not giving pigs a smooth ride to the butcher? That is untenable. We’ve also learned that while they seem to have zero sense of humor when it comes to animal abuse, PETA may be making a subtle child-molester joke in their witty blog title. Ha?

[PETA Files]

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