WATCH: PETA’s Latest Ad Is Actually Really Sex-Positive, So We’re Confused About Hating It (NSFW)

Ugh, such conflicting emotions! On the one hand, PETA is full of crazies who want us to care about the silent screams of fish as they’re about to be asphyxiated to become our Bouillabaisse. On the other hand, their new ad proclaiming “Vegans have a bigger sexual appetite. Do it like they do. Go vegan.” is actually really sex-positive, which we also feel is important. What to do?!

The ad features all of God’s creatures, getting it on the way nature intended (including a few shots of those infamous deer three-ways and jack rabbit orgies we keep hearing about).

Of course, the ad only features “vegan” animals, and we’re pretty sure carnivorous animals have great sex too, but showing lions going at it with their little lion faces smeared in the blood of the gazelle they just gorged on kind of undermines their point about how eating animals is bad.

…Did we just analyze the sex life of lions? What are we doing right now? Check out the ad below, which is obviously NSFW. We have to go.

[h/t Huffington Post]

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