Pete Wells Only Human Being Who Has Not Lost His Mind Over Sadelle’s

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NYTimes Food Critic Pete Wells reviewed Sadelle’s, the SoHo bagel restaurant from Major Food Group. When Sadelle’s opened in September, the world, especially the #foodporn / food blog / food media world, lost its collective mind. Sure, it was overpriced, but the smoked salmon came on a tower, and the bagels were unlimited.

Wells thought the whole thing was kind of “meh.” Though he would go back (he liked the bagels, fish, and thought the baked goods were phenomenal), he felt that the place didn’t “feel completely worked out.” He also didn’t love it for dinner, though lots of people have raved about the fried chicken.

We haven’t been able to go to Sadelle’s yet. We’re intimidated by the wait and haven’t been able to snag a res. We like some of the Major Food Group’s spots. Santina is excellent and we love Parm almost always. But at Carbone, even though the food was good, it’s a crime to pay that much for pasta.

Wells gave the place one star (good). But it’s certainly not the hype everyone else has given it. Have you been to Sadelle’s? Were you in the OMG camp? Or the “meh” one? Let us know in the comments.

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