Pharrell Auctioning Off Arby’s Hat, Will Arby’s Take a Bite?

Arby’s would be insane NOT to try to get the hat that somehow made them relevant again. (AWWW SNAP!)

The Arby’s Vivienne Westwood hat made so infamous by Pharrell is now being auctioned on eBay to raise funds for his charity, One Hand to AnOTHER. You’ve still got one week to keep bidding on it, but so far the bidding has surpassed $11,000 and inching towards $12,000. A small price for LEGEND ROAST BEEF HAT SANDWICHES, PEOPLE.

The best part is that Pharrell totally knows it, too.

Get on it, Arby’s. For all of the social media gaffes of fast food chains, this would win the Internet for all time until the next scandal comes along.

[First We Feast]

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