PHOTOS: 11 Awesome Fictional Foods We Wish Were Real

Here at The Braiser, we focus our time and reporting on celebrity chefs — people who have become famous for their skill at making incredible food. We cherish every bite we’ve been fortunate enough to eat at their restaurants, and drool over the food we haven’t yet been able to try. But that’s not the only unattainable food we crave. Movies, television shows, books, and even Saturday Night Live sketches have been known to inspire some serious food envy. The problem is that most of it isn’t real.

Sure, Community fans can whip up Abed’s “special drink” any time they want, and Seinfeld’s food moments involve actual food, but what about the rest? What about the fictional foods that, for better or worse, will never exist in the real world? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite made up foods that we wish we could try in real life.

NOTE: Some of these (ahem Cheesy Blasters) can actually be made at home. While we haven’t yet tried it, we encourage anyone who is interested to give it a shot, and let us know how they are. Also, let us know what fictional foods you would love to try in the comments.

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