PHOTOS: Danny Meyer Brings Shake Shack, Root Beer To Istanbul

Blah blah blah, Umami Burger’s Adam Fleischman. Even if Danny Meyer’s Shack Burger isn’t up to the high standards of the Umami you preach, it’s still a tasty enough burger to be popular all over the goddamn planet. And tomorrow, Meyer opens the first Shake Shack in Istanbul — which makes it the first international Shake Shack he hasn’t opened in an OPEC nation!

But seriously, it looks pretty cool. The Union Square Hospitality Group will open two Shacks in Istanbul — one in the Istinye Park Mall starting tomorrow, and one in the historic Tünel neighborhood sometime this summer — along with special menus for the city. According to Meyer, though most of the Shack’s menu will remain intact, down to the Abita root beer — a treat completely foreign to the region. “Odd flavor to describe to someone who’s never had it,” he mused. “Next level: floats!”

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