PICS: Anthony Bourdain Hangs Out with Paul Bocuse, Has Reached Apex of Life

It’s really, really hard to remember that Anthony Bourdain was once an okay executive chef, especially since he is now, in the words of the French, a “journaliste culinaire CNN. But he found his writing knack, turned it into an enviable career, and has just spent the entire day shooting an episode of Parts Unknown in the Lyon kitchen of the legendary Paul Bocuse.

That’s it. Bourdain has had Dinner With A Living Avatar of God. His life has hit the apex. Bourdain can retire now. Look how happy and awestruck he is in the following tweets. What is there left to accomplish as a chef, short of inventing time travel and working for Escoffier? (Achieving more journalistic endeavors in remote countries? Nah. Seriously, Bourdain, please retire. We’ll find you a beautiful seaside cottage in Nha Trang. Just…give us your Emmys.)





[Anthony Bourdain]

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