Pinkberry Founder Guilty of Assault, Blowing Up Everything We Ever Knew About Fro-Yo

The co-founder of Pinkberry frozen yogurt bar, Young Lee, may be heading to jail after being found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon in court this week. And the victim of the crime? A homeless panhandler. Huffington Post reports that Lee may have attacked because the panhandler disrespected his wife with an explicit tattoo…which of course, led to Lee beating him with a tire iron.

Lee has not been affiliated with Pinkberry since 2010, the company has been quick to state. In the land of fro yo and toppings, an assault simply doesn’t jive. But seriously — doesn’t fro-yo, by default, make you happy? Is it because it’s low-fat? Eh, moving on.

[The Huffington Post]

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