WATCH: Tom Colicchio Asks Plaxico Burress If He Carried A Gun ‘Because Of Hunting Culture’

Eat gator, catch a tarpon, learn some stuff about the Everglades (did you know that it’s not actally a swamp but a really just a slow-moving river?), and squeamishly ask Plaxico Burress about that awkward incident involving an unlicensed firearm tucked into the waistband of his sweatpants that accidentally went off into his thigh at a New York City nightclub. All in a day’s work for hard-hitting Hooked Up host Tom Colicchio. Sidebar: who wears sweats to the club?!

In all honesty, Colicchio probably handled this interview with Pittsburgh Steeler Plaxico Burress in as classy a manner as possible. But man, did we cringe a little (okay, a lot), when his follow-up to Plaxico’s “it’s part of the culture” Glock explanation was to ask, “What culture? Is it hunting culture or more of a street thing?”

Yup. It’s hunting culture that leads young NFL players from Virginia Beach to unlawfully carry firearms into swanky Manhattan nightclubs. Because who knows when you’re going to stumble upon some prime game meat in Times Square? And Glocks are just easier to discharge than those unwieldy hunting rifles.

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