Play The ‘Barack Obama Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Drinking Game’!

How does the Middle East achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? By transitioning from a sober state to a drunk state, of course.

At this moment, President Barack Obama is speaking at the Jerusalem Convention Center about the the possible paths to peace in the Middle East. And where there’s rhetoric, points out Obama Foodorama, there ought to be drinking! This game was created by Anat Ben Nun,  the Coordinator of the Palestinian Israeli Peace NGO Forum (according to Twitter), and should be referred to as Obama schleps around Israel (unless, of course, you’re Muslim and the consumption of alcohol is haram).

1.  Take a sip whenever Obama says he is concerned over Israel’s security

2.  Take a sip whenever Obama talks about the two state solution

3.  Take a sip whenever Obama says the connection between Israel and the US is unbreakable

4.  Take a shot whenever Obama mentions the holocaust

5.  Take a shot whenever Obama talks about the ’67 borders

6.  Chug your beer when Obama talks about regional peace

That should pretty much do it.

[Obama Foodorama]

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