Will Someone Please Buy This Penthouse With An Eric Ripert-Designed Kitchen?

For $70,000, you too can cook in a kitchen that Eric Ripert designed. For $8.388 million, you can buy a “four-bedroom, five-bathroom penthouse with four balconies” that also has The Eric Ripert Kitchen By Poggenpohl installed in it. What a bargain, huh? And someone should buy it. Seriously, won’t someone buy it?

In fact, The New York Post’s luxury section Alexa has an entire section of their latest issue in which they try to get someone to buy the apartment just because it has the Eric Ripert Kitchen. Located in the Chelsea Green condominium building in New York, the kitchen features induction stoves, environmentally-friendly appliances and cabinets, and a dishwasher that imitates Eric Ripert in that it makes 60% less sound than its peers.

“The kitchen is laid out so that movement is fluid and practical, yet fun to work in,” he says of the kitchen, but does not follow that up with “Also, this apartment is a boondoggle to sell, and this is why some property developers are advertising real estate using my adorable Gallic face.” (We would love to hear him say the word “boondoggle,” though.)


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