Worthy Crowdfunding of the Day: Pok Pok Launches Campaign to Help Team Member with Medical Bills

Here’s your Heartwarming Moment of The Industry Rallying Around Its Own: Andy Ricker and the entire Pok Pok team have launched a campaign to help one of their staffers with his medical bills after he was struck by a dickhead motor vehicle.

According to the restaurant’s page, Portland, OR college student and Pok Pok team member Henry Schmidt was found by a local bus driver after being struck in a hit-and-run by a mystery asshole vehicle:

He suffered a broken left tibia (shinbone) and fibula (connected to the outer side of the tibia); broken right fibula; broken right clavicle; three fractured vertebrae; fractured cheekbone; scalp hematoma; spleen laceration; and scrapes, bruises and road rash. His doctors expect his recovery will take months.

The asshole vehicle driver was found, and apparently has no driver’s insurance. (Asshole x 2.) As a result, Schmidt faces $20,000 in out-of-pocket medical bills.

Should you donate? It’s up to you, dear reader, but we’re pretty happy when restaurants try to take care of their employees, even if it’s through leveraging their social media for a fundraising effort. (And hey, it’s a much better cause than a Kickstarter for dumb recycled water.) Check out the fundraising page below.

[Help Henry Heal]

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