Andy Ricker and Pok Pok NY Have a New Collaboration Beer And We Are Pumped

Resident beer geek here to give a huge shout out to the team at Pok Pok and Evil Twin Brewing for the newest chef/brewery collaboration. Which reminds us — why don’t all the chefs and breweries do that?

Evil Twin Brewing, a cult-favorite brewery from Denmark (seriously, go to any beer store in the tri-state area worth their shit and you’ll find Even More Denmark), took to Twitter to announce the collaboration beer.

(Side note: Take that, Pok Pok PDX.)

Andy Ricker isn’t the only chef to get in with the breweries; pack in the day, Morimoto got in with Rogue Ales, Grant Achatz made a beer with truffles (DROOL) with Mikkeller for Aviary, Thomas Keller got in with Brooklyn Brewery, and Goose Island has a whole series of chef collaboration beers. (Which, whatever your opinion on Goose Island, craft beer nerds, is still pretty damn cool.) So, new goal in life: drink all the chef-brewery collaboration beers out there. Ricker, we’re coming for you.


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