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FEELINGS: ‘Prankster’ Dresses Like Fine Dining Waiter, Serves Food To the Homeless

The only thing that could cheer us after being deprived of free macarons on New York Citywide Free Macaron Day is this heartwarming video of YouTube personality and “prank video” jockey DJ Sennett skipping his usual punkery for acts of good will. In this video for his YouTube channel Public Prankster, he delivers platters of food to the homeless of Los Angeles while dressed in a smart waiter’s uniform.

Beneficiaries received plates of chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes, chicken and mac and cheese, chicken and fries, and the occasional slice of red velvet cake, plus a tall glass of water, and cutlery wrapped in a napkin.

His earnestness and their quiet surprise is almost too much to bear. Check out the video below, but prepare to have ALL THE FEELINGS.

[h/t LA Times]

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