President Francois Hollande Slams California Foie Gras Ban

When the President of France François Hollande has something to say about the foie gras ban in California, you listen. Because now the foie gras ban in California is not just about animal cruelty versus happy ducks and happy porks, it’s about international trade and French diplomacy.

“Foie gras is a great French product which honours the farmers who devote their lives to it,” he said yesterday while visiting a duck farm in southwest France, according to the Independent. “I will not allow any challenge to foie gras exports, from certain countries or from certain American states.”

The ban, which went into effect on July 1st despite a massive attempt from the restaurant industry to overturn it, is currently being challenged in court by a coalition of restaurant industry lobbyists and free trade advocates. Though Hollande never voiced his explicit support for the challenge, and admitted that he cannot legally challenge the ban himself, he vowed to fight for foie exports under free trade laws.

He also admitted that he might pull a Hillary Clinton and try using delicious diplomacy tactics, sending US leaders foie gras gallatines “for their own great enjoyment”.

“We may sometimes not be able to afford to buy foie gras ourselves but I wouldn’t want the Americans to be deprived of it,” he said.

(Uhh, Monsieur Hollande? We’re leaders. Of blogs. And things. Can we get some foie gras? )

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