President Obama Eats Almost-Christmas Dinner At Morimoto Waikiki

Last night, after a sporting game of Hawaiian golf with chef Sam Kass, President Barack Obama made an appearance at Masaharu Morimoto’s Waikiki restaurant for a private dinner with family and friends. (This is a photo of our President, not Hawaiian Bigfoot.)

Obama Foodorama reports that while the normal press pool was sequestered far away from any delicious sushi and Hawaiian fusion cuisine, Obama’s party dined for two and a half hours in a private room, while everyone else with reservations had to pass through a security checkpoint. However, a few local reporters and residents managed to snap photos of the motorcade as it passed through.

Proving that Obama does not particularly like swerving from tradition, this was the second pre-pre-Christmas dinner he’s held at Morimoto Waikiki: he dined there exactly one year ago with his family during his holiday vacation in his home state.

Allegedly, he requested that Morimoto create an Iron Chef-esque dinner thematically based on the color orange — including crab, papaya, sea urchin roe, and sweet potatoes — as a hidden warning to Speaker John Boehner to man up in his fiscal cliff negotiations with the House Republicans, or get snapped in half like the leg of a kona crab. (RETRACTION: we made that up.)

[Obama Foodorama]

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