President Obama Scored The Vote Of Top Chef Fans, According To Google

Thanks to the data-collecting force that is Google, we now know one crucial factor in the 2012 election: Top Chef fans are largely PRObama. The Atlantic used Google Correlate to compare the frequency of various search terms state by state to those states’ election vote tallies. While the frequency of terms like “clean jokes,” “flag clip art,” and “printable scrapbooks” most closely aligned with Romney states, one search term matched up 88% with Obama’s voter map: Top Chef.

Now, Michelle Obama does have an upcoming appearance on Life After Top Chef, and Padma Lakshmi did stump for President Obama in Florida. But of 100 Google search terms that most closely resemble Obama’s voting pattern, eight of them were Top Chef-related. Coincidence? Or were the Magical Elves at work?

You can check out the infographic here.

[The Atlantic]

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